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We build bleeding edge technology products to help businesses transform.

Building the future

Our purpose is to create meaningful products that creates a positive impact for business, inspire people, our clients and our partners. Our products are a reflection of our purpose.

Everytime we pick a new business challenge to solve, we start with a "What if". We believe that "What if" opens up a lot of possibilities we have never thought of to solve a problem. This is at the core of how Artelliq thinks, and this core principle reflects in our products today.

Today, our products have helped businesses transform faster, better and efficient than ever before. Technology is changing at the speed of thought. We keep up with that change. Write to when you need help.

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Our Product Values

Simple & Private in every step.

As people, we don't want to be tracked or studied. All we need are products that are genuine to the value that they add.

Building great products doesn't have to involve tracking user data and breaching their privacy. Anything that we do, is focused on protecting user-data, trying to achieve zero tracking methods and to put the controls to the user so that they can decide what they want to do with our products.