Three types of AI your business team must understand

We now live in an age where AI is helping human workforce drive better results. Companies are now utilizing AI to set themselves apart from their competition, and no doubt using AI is now a business decision than a technology decision.

If you are from a business team, evaluating a sophisticated technology like AI is crucial. AI can be seen from three major dimensions for business needs:

  1. Automating Business Processes;
  2. Making sense out of your data;
  3. Improving customer experience;

Automating Business Process

A few months ago, NASA was focusing on cutting down its running cost and was evaluating RPA solution for batch processing their financial management, payroll and other aspects of running their operations. The company then implemented RPA solutions to enhance their activities which allowed them to perform operations using AI and RPA to improve efficiency. Today, over 85% of the processes related to financial management are performed by AI enabled RPA bots.

This is a classic example of how well AI can help RPA bots to automate the business process with ease, efficiency, and very high accuracy.

Making Sense out of data

For as long as we remember, companies have collected data from various sources. Collecting data does not include the tracking of their employees or anything of that sort. Instead, we are talking about the data companies hold about their sales and performance.

Using AI to build statistical models to drive data-driven strategy decisions in a company can be crucial. Imagine knowing exactly what to do and how to do certain activities to get the maximum results for your company. That’s exactly what AI can do with your data.

Improving Customer Experience

Customer experience is at the center of everything. Whether you are selling your products/services to a business or selling it to end-customers, the way they experience your brand matters a lot.

Using AI to assist the customers to perform various tasks to know more about you, or to enhance your areas of improvements can differentiate you from everyone else in the industry.

Businesses should take an incremental approach to implement Artificial Enabled systems, rather than a transformational approach. The best way to utilize AI is to enhance your workforce’s efficiency with assistive intelligence.

What to do next

The first step to knowing where AI would enhance your business exactly is to run a workshop with the experts who have implemented AI in production. If you think your business needs AI evaluation, reach out to us, and our team will be right there to help you out. Contact us.