Samamat becomes the first manufacturer to use blockchain in production using TruCerts


Dubai, UAE — Today, Samamat and Artelliq announced the first production implementation of TruCerts, a blockchain based platform to fight fake products in the industry.

With this implementation, Samamat Flow Control LLC becomes the first valves manufacturer in the UAE to implement blockchain technology in production to help their customers identify the authenticity of their products. This new deal comes in few months after Artelliq started its pilot program with Samamat and its customers.

TruCerts, a blockchain based certificate tracking, and verification system enables manufacturers to sell their assets with authenticity. Manufacturers using TruCerts allow their customers to verify the authenticity of the asset in a matter of seconds, which would otherwise cost them days worth of manual effort.

“We never expected the pilot program to provide so much value in a matter of months. Our customers now recognize the value of a platform like TruCerts, and we are incredibly happy about this move,” said Karthik R, General Manager of Samamat Flow Control LLC.

TruCerts Chain of Custody

Talking about this launch, Karthik K, Head of Products at Artelliq said, “For the first time we’re putting the power of blockchain in the hands of manufacturers and their customers. Our goal with TruCerts has always been to fight fake products in the market with blockchain technology. It is incredibly humbling to see the value being realized by our customers in a short period of time. We will now closely work with Samamat and their customers to improve the experience of TruCerts.”

Adding more about the R&D investments Artelliq is making, Karthik said, “We will continue to invest in Research and Development of Blockchain based products for various industry verticals and help customers fight fake products in the market.”

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TruCerts is a blockchain based certificate verification and tracking platform to help manufacturers fight fake products. TruCerts was first introduced during GITEX 2018 in Dubai and was rolled out to a specific set of customers in the following months. With TruCerts, manufacturers’ customers can get a clear picture of where their products are originating and help them understand if something went wrong before they received it.

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Artelliq Software Trading, a UAE native company, based in Downtown Dubai, builds advanced technology products for enterprise customers. As of today, Artelliq owns TruCerts, Shrink, BEAM Contacts and Alleyway.

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